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We are developing two innovative LegalTech products, Jurimesh and a Legal Due Diligence Analysis tool, which make companies and firms more efficient by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence. With these, we optimize your business processes and provide solutions that utilize the latest AI technologies.

Our products

We develop a LegalTech SaaS product that significantly enhances searches for legislation, legal literature, as well as internal legal data, by utilizing AI models. Through semantic searching, linking case law to legislation, and providing references with answers, we aim to revolutionize traditional search methods. We also use the same technology in the HR sector to help HR professionals with answering the legal questions they receive daily.

Legal due diligence analysis

Lawyers can seamlessly connect a dataroom, allowing our AI models to thoroughly analyze all contents. Our technology will identify missing documents, automate due diligence questions, facilitate automated Q&A with clients, and streamline the creation of parts of the due diligence report. This innovation aims to significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy in the due diligence process, providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for legal professionals.

The Artificieel Promise

Innovation drives us forward. We thrive in the dynamic landscape of our industry, embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering a culture of creativity. Challenging the status quo, we continually redefine possibilities, staying at the forefront of progress to meet and exceed expectations.

Quality first

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. It's not just a goal; it's a standard embedded in every aspect of our work. From ideation to execution, we ensure excellence, setting a benchmark that consistently delivers the highest value.


We value close collaboration with our customers, we believe it is what makes a product good and is what helps both you as our customer and we as a company succeed, let's modernize your industry together.


We take performance extremely serious, developing our software with performance budgets in mind and pushing the performance of all our AI models, this ensures you get the fastest possible experience on the market available today.

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